April 22, 2012

Pemberley Cards

I think I was in the mood to do some serious stamping, as you can see with the cards that I have created below. I had a great time using the exclusive My Acrylix stamp set that comes in this Workshop on the Go kit to create different types of backgrounds, hopefully showing how diverse the images are in the stamp set.  I hope you enjoy! 
Cards used: Colonial White Die-Cut Cards & Envelopes

This first card showcases paper piecing, a technique that I frequently use when using line design images. 
Card One
In order to create this layered design, I started off by random stamping the large floral image that you see several times on the bottom half of the Colonial White card front using Outdoor Denim ink. In order to add color to those images, I stamped the same image again (and again) on separate pieces of Honey colored B&T Duo's pattern papers, and both Indian Corn Blue and Bamboo colored cardstock.  I then trimmed those images and used only the desired sections that I needed before adhering them to the random stamped images that I initially stamped. 

Out of all of the cards, this one is the simplest to make as there is only one stamped image, the sentiment, which is on the inside of the card.  
Card Two
In addition to the items that came in the WOTG kit, I also used the Z1718 Color-Ready Garden Wooden Shapes. Each package comes with 24 shapes including these wooden butterflies.  I added pierced holes along the outer edge of them just to add a little something extra to them.

This next card incorporated a variety of first and second generation stamped images using Indian Corn Blue, Bamboo and Outdoor Denim inks. 

I love how these dragonflies seem to be flying around on the front of this card. Since they are the focal images of this card, I stamped them first to make sure they  were evenly spaced, and I also made sure that none of the images were stamped half on and half off the card since I knew that I was going to "pop" the wings up to give them a 3-D look.

Each of these tri-fold cards are 8 x 3 1/2" with a die-cut edge, which when opened, are over 16" long! This is a perfect size if you wanted to add a check or cash to the inside or if you wanted to add a nice big message inside. Since I used  E1024 Keepsake Alphabet on my Pemberley layouts, I wanted to incorporate this same font set to show that these awesome stamps can also be used on (or in) cards. As you can see from the picture below, I was able to carry the theme from the front of the card to the inside by adding a dragonfly next to the my message. 

I enjoy stamping words and sentiment images to create backgrounds like this one. I was sure to stamp the bolder image first to ensure that it's placement was where it needed to be before stamping the other images in a less dominant color. 
Card Four

 I love using different images to create fun borders like this one seen below. You might look at a butterfly stamp and think that it only belongs flying about on a card front. Here, I stamped it in a row, and why not? It totally worked! 

There are a couple of fun things to point out on this next card. For starters... take a close look at the flower. Can you believe that I used the same image to decorate this flower that I used to make the bird wing shown on Card Four? 
Card Five
A closer look and you will see that I only used the inside part of that image to ensure that it fit the center of each petal. 

This fun background was made by using the border image to create vertical stripes like you see here. By spacing them out a bit, it allowed room for me to stamp the small flower in rows to create the final look that I wanted. 

I hope that you enjoyed what I had to share in this post. If you did...please let me know by leaving me a message below! I'd love to hear from you!


  1. What fabulous cards!!! Can't wait to do them!

    1. It was great spending time with you and your friends! I hope everyone enjoyed the cards! :-)


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